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Which is the most suitable insect screen for your home?

The family consists of a 45mm basic version, a 45mm XL version for large openings and a third mini 24mm version, ideal for narrow installation spaces. The pleated Insect Screen family Ipanema has an ergonomic and decorative design. Our Pleated insect screens offer a major transparency and protection against all types of insects, allowing all open spaces to receive maximum luminosity and air at any hour of the day. Furthermore, these insect screens are unique due to their soft and silent functioning. Due to the fact that they are produced with one sole chain at the bottom, this is a barrier-free system without profile on the ground.

Our Insect Screens Pleated

Insect screens Pleated
Ipanema 45 XL Premium

The XL Premium Ipanema pleated screen off ers a wide range of installation possibilities for very large openings.


The pleated screen Ipanema 45 XL Premium is unique on the market as it allows to cover large openings with widths up to 290cm using only one screen. When thinking about the central closing version we can duplicate the size up to 580 cm. using two XL doors.

The field of application is very wide as it allows to cover porches, verandas, moving glass walls of large extentions etc. The advantage lies in not having profiles in the middle which disturb the view. With a height of up to 3m it off ers 3 different installation solutions.


Against the significance of its name, the pleated screen Ipanema 45 XL Premium is also unique as it off ers the possibility to be installed in windows. Its mechanism allows to create an insect screen which is wider than its height, a situation which is oft en given in windows.

In the price list we indicate the possibilities of sizes of this little big pleated screen.

Insect screens Pleated

field of application

The pleated screen Ipanema 45 Basic is an insect screen which has been designed to cover openings of doors with a maximum width of 190 cm in one sole door. It allows a height of up to 3 metres with 3 different installation solutions.

The new SAMER profile offers a better grip

Insect screens Pleated
IPANEMA 24 mini

Field of application

The third pleated insect screen of the Ipanema family is the model 24mm mini. This slim version has been developed for spaces with reduced depth. The installation of this pleated screen only requires 25 mm for the complete product.

The opening of the 24mm mini covers doors of up to 160 cm with one sole screen. When joining two units with central closure we can cover a total of up to 320 cm.

It is available as cut down version and offers 2 different installation solutions.

Installation 25 mm.