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At SAMER we have full compromise with our customers and the firm compliance of service and the lead times.

Our insect screens

Thanks to our own engineering department we are able to offer unique solutions for the sector, with continuous innovation. This allows us to have our own Insect Screen Systems protected by two patents.

Wide range of insect screens for different spaces and a large selection of colours and wood finishes.

We created a distribution system, adaptable to all markets by offering custom made products, semi-finished products and license concessions for the production of our insect screen systems.

Consolidated international presence backed by a large experience

In order to incorporate new solutions for our products by dedication and constant investment in R+D we have been able to enter international markets over the years.

Own Insect Screen Systems protected by two patents.

Our Insect Screens

Insect screens


Places where serenity and relax are mixed with an almost paradisiacal environment, where the sea shines with all the shades of blue. These are just sensations, it’s just a lifestyle. The evocation of an eternal summer, the humid breeze of the sea and a nature full of life.

“This is our tribute and our inspiration”