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Which is the most suitable sliding/fixed screen for your home?

The family Belle Mare is composed by a sliding insect screen and a second fixed version.

Two insect screen versions which can be used for sliding windows or for spaces where the roller screen cannot be installed. We use the same profile for both versions having the sliding screen a wheel in the lower square. The fixes version is installed with clips for easy installation which allow a quick removal for cleaning.

For screens with width or heigth exceeding 120 cm, the insect screen is produced with a crossbar for better stability. It can be produced with grey or black mesh and in all colours of our colour chart.

Our Insect Screens Fixed / Sliding Screens

Insect screens Fixed / Sliding Screens
Belle Mare Fixed Screen

Field of application fixed screen

The fixed insect screen Belle Mare uses the same profile as its sister the sliding screen. It is ideal for windows where we cannot install a roller screen due to lack of space or difficult access.

Insect screens Fixed / Sliding Screens
Belle Mare Sliding Screen

Field of application sliding screen

The Belle Mare sliding screen can be applied on sliding windows. With its thin profile of only 43mm the design is very elegant for all window systems.