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Which is the most suitable hinged door for your home?

The Hinged Door Copacabana family is a very practical and easy system but also extremely strong at the same time. The mechanism of the hinges with springs takes care of the automatic closure and guarantees a maximum protection against insects.

The door can be produced with several units and a pet gate can be installed optionally.

Our Insect Screens Hinged Doors

Insect screens Hinged Doors

Field of application

The hinged door Copacabana offers solutions for door openings up to 120cm with one single door. In case of covering larger openings, two doors or even more units can be combined.

The door can be produced with grey or black mesh and it is also possible to install an aluminum plate at the bottom part with the aim to avoid damages caused by for instance animals. In combination with the aluminum plate, a pet-gate can be installed optionally.

The Copacabana hinged door can also be manufactured with curved shapes. We kindly ask you to request quotation for any size outside the range of the price list.